About the Green Scheme

The Thames is the amongst the ‘greenest’ options for passenger travel and freight operations in London.  And it is set to improve further, with superior environmental performance fundamental to the long-term growth in river use.  The Green Scheme is a quick and simple way to help customers and businesses pick the ‘green’ transport option that suits their needs.

For passengers and customers

The ‘Green Scheme’ for vessels and operators on the Thames is one of the commitments in the Air Quality Strategy for the tidal Thames, a comprehensive package of measures to improve the environmental performance of vessels operating on the Thames.

As part of this the Scheme recognises the early adopters of new technologies and/or fuels that will reduce air emissions, supporting the progressive move to a cleaner, healthier city.  In this it sits alongside the emissions reduction roadmap for inland waterways vessels operating on the tidal Thames.

For operators

The Green Scheme is free and voluntary – all you need to do is register your vessels’ performance alongside your company’s environmental commitments via this online portal to receive an initial benchmark grading.  The data we will collect includes: Vessel type; Gross Tonnage; main engine class (against legal standard) & power; fuel type & capacity volume; abatement technologies fitted; and sewage storage or treatment capacity.

To start entering your data, click here.

Vessels will sit in a tier of scores that can be updated routinely, as improvements are made.  Green Scheme provides the ideal first step in performance improvement: benchmarking where you are and setting the path for development.

After registering and completing the initial data entry you will be able to use the Green Scheme endorsement logo (see below) in marketing and promotional material.  In this way it is just like the Green Tourism award, or Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) for road haulage firms.

Advice on vessel/company data entry into the system will be available from our Environment team, while the harbour masters, marine inspectors and vessel licencing teams can also help.


We are convening an oversight Board for the Green Scheme, which we expect to consist of ourselves, University of Newcastle and a representative of the Thames & London Waterways Forum.


We are working with incentive providers around incentives for scheme members.  We expect that benefits to be graduated, increasing according to environmental performance; the cleaner the vessels, the greater the incentive.  As soon as this aspect is finalised, we will share the details here.