Shore-side power can be used to power craft whilst they are at berth meaning that all engines can be switched off and so idling emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants are reduced, and fuel consumption is reduced. However, upfront costs of installing shore-side power can be off putting.

The PLA have designed a tool which calculates the payback period for installing shore-side power against continuing to operate fossil fuel engines when at berth. You can use it to either calculate how quickly you will make your money back if you have a price in mind, or it can calculate the maximum price you should be looking for if you need the payback period to be limited to a certain period.

Please note that this tool should be used on an indicative basis only. It is reliant on data inputs and assumptions that are not guaranteed to be correct and the model is not subjected to routine updates.

You can download the file here.

Photo credit: Felixstowe Dockers

PLA_shoreside_workbook_Issue1 shoreside_600_400_84_c1.jpg

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