What is the objective of the Green Scheme?

The aim of this scheme is to support adoption of new technologies and raise awareness of environmental issues on the river, helping to create a healthier environment for the people and wildlife. For operators, the scheme is a way to showcase environmental performance to the public and use it as a tool to support continuous improvement.

What are the target groups?

The initial target groups are commercial and services vessel operators that operate on the inland waterway; it will not yet be applied to recreational river users.

Do I have to pay a fee to participate in the Green Scheme as an operator or incentive provider?

No. The Thames Green Scheme is a voluntary, free-of-charge scheme for all inland commercial and services vessel operators to join and to demonstrate their environmental performance. It is also free for stakeholders, such as local authorities, services providers, suppliers, to join the scheme as an incentive provider, demonstrating their corporate social responsibility, supporting environmental performance improvements and promoting sustainable business.

How is the score calculated?

The scheme involves scoring upon multiple parameters to provide a detailed assessment of environmental performance and is separated into two main parts – corporate and vessel specific. For details, see the About section of this website.

When will I receive my result after submitting my information?

In most cases, you will be notified of the outcome within 15 working days after the submission of your data.

Who have access to my results and data?

The level of Tier awarded to your organisation will be made publicly available (something you can be proud of!). The Overall Score, Corporate Score, and Average Vessel Score will only be available to the stakeholders that have registered as incentive providers. All the other corporate details and fleet information are strictly restricted for the purpose of evaluating environmental performance and for future planning purposes. (See the Privacy Policy for further details.)

Is there any audit process?

The Green Scheme is mainly relying on self-declaration and verified with spot checks by our Marine Services surveyors/ Marine River Inspectors and random requisition of photo/certificate evidence. Operators can also arrange an audit for their vessels, for a fee.

How long the certificate is valid for?

Each organisation will sit in a tier of scores that can be updated routinely, as improvement are made. In general, the Tier will be reviewed annually; we will certainly encourage operators to update their information at least once a year.

How can I improve my score?

Vessel score

Corporate score

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Is there a punishment for not meeting requirements for the lowest tier?

The Green Scheme is a voluntary scheme to demonstrate environmental performance.